Brand New Website

We are proud to launch our brand new Design Lounge Website. It is the third version our Wellington Web Design website since 2001, and uses all the latest web technologies.

Wellington Web DesignOur Web Design Wellington website is also responsive, meaning it automatically formats itself, based on the type of device it is being viewed on. Therefore it looks different on different devices, whether it be an iphone, an ipad or a desktop. This makes it mobile friendly web design.

As it uses the latest web technologies, it may not look the best in older web browsers, but it is designed for the future, not the past.

As well as a new website, we have also revamped our branding and logo, with a bit of old and new. The logo has also gone back to it’s original green colour.

We continue to do great web design for clients throughout New Zealand, including Auckland, Hamilton, Wairarapa, Wellington, Christchurch, infact any city or town in New Zealand.