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All New Mobile Friendly Website Packages to be Released Soon

We are really excited to shortly be releasing a range of New Website Packages, aimed for the lower cost end of the NZ Web Design market. These will be known as our ‘Starter Website Packages’. Our Starter Web Design Packages will be the perfect solution for many small New Zealand Business and Sole Traders, or for individuals who need an affordable and simple to use Mobile Friendly Website presence.

Our Starter Website Packages will allow us to setup powerful mobile friendly websites for clients, at a relatively low setup cost, and they can be setup in a relatively quick turnaround time. The Starter Website Packages focus is on simple mobile friendly websites, and will include features such as Unlimited website pages, Image Galleries, Slideshows, Videos, and a inbuilt blogging platform.Mobile Friendly Website

Our Starter Websites will be able to be updated by clients using just their website browser, via a simple Drag and Drop, WYSIWYG website editor. The Website CMS and platform that is utilized, is one of the best around, and allows people to easily edit their website with ease.  The hosting platform has also been specifically designed for the website platform, providing great website performance and robust reliability.

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Should I Retain My Existing Domain Names?

Last year we saw the release of the new shorter .NZ domain name extension, which gave many businesses the opportunity to register the shorter version of their existing domain name. For example, if a business had the domain, they may have had the preferential right to register the shorter domain

NZ Domain NamesAs a result of many businesses taking up the opportunity to register the shorter version of their domain name, many business now have more domain names than they previously had. Many have registered multiple domain names in order to protect their Intellectual Property. But most businesses have an accountant who likes to ‘trim the fat’, and save money where possible. One way some businesses may see an opportunity to make some cost savings, is to consolidate the number of domain names they have. For example, a business may choose to let their old domain lapse when it is next due for renewal, and only retain the shorter .nz domain name. However consolidating domain names in order to save a bit of cash short term can be a big mistake, and cause major expensive headaches down the road. As the domain is focused toward companies, we believe any business should try to retain their, and not let it expire. If your domain does expire, you may find that one of your competitors may buy that domain, or it may get purchased by a cyber-squatter, who buys and sells domains for a profit. Both may use your old domain name for different things. A competing business may use the domain name, to redirect it to their own businesses website, gaining the traffic that your website should be getting. If you were previously using the expired domain for email, you may find that the organisation that has purchased your old domain now has the ability to receive emails from your clients who are still sending you emails on that old domain email address. These are just a few of the many potential problems companies may face in letting a domain name expire.

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