Master of your .NZ Domain

Registration of .NZ Domain Names can have many pitfalls if not done correctly. We all too often come across a new client who has contacted us, wanting to switch over to our services, but they encounter problems due to them not being the registered ‘Owner’ (referred to as the ‘Registrant’) of their .nz domain name.

NZ Domain NamesThis means that they can’t get the UDAI (Unique Domain Authorisation Identifier) to allow the domain to be transferred into our Domain system. They may have initially had their website designed by a friend or a web design company a long time ago, who registered the domain in their own or companies name, instead of their clients name, as it should have been. This means that officially, the web designer is the legal ‘Registrant’ of the .nz domain name, and not the client it was registered for. So only the legal ‘Registrant’ on paper can be given the UDAI code to allow the transfer of the domain name to a new provider.

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